The Awesome Project

In January of 2014 I decided to do something awesome: The Awesome Project. Modelled after Genius Hour (click here for more info), I am giving my students one hour out of every five we meet (that’s 20% time, which you can explore more here or here) to research any topic of their choosing. The only catch is that they have to log their research publicly and present their research to classmates and parents at the end of March. The resulting lessons and conversations among students are some of the most exciting I’ve ever seen, causing this idea to spread like wildfire through my department.

Click on the image below to see the record of what my students are doing:

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 6.31.22 PM

Here are a few images of what my students are creating:

Would you like to learn how to implement The Awesome Project in your classroom? Click here to read an overview of the online course I have developed for it, or click on the lightbulb below to get started!


Image Licensing Information

Image licensed by Julia Bickerstaff under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Original image can be found here.

Quick Overview Slideshow:


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