TAP Stage Seven: Introduction to TAP

Okay. It’s time to formally introduce the project! How are you going to build excitement and communicate your plans to students and parents?

Genius Hour has prepared an excellent overview for how to introduce the project to your students. Build suspense, use a great video to get students excited, and use a simple slideshow to explain the project. You may also want to send out a note to parents; click here to view (and use) mine.

To complete Stage Seven, build your presentation files and contact your parents. Post a summary of your plans in the comments section below. Make sure to think about and write about how you think the project will be received by students and parents.


Respond thoughtfully to the ideas of another learner who has already posted in the comments by asking them a clarifying question or building on their ideas. (Or if you are the first learner ask me a clarifying question in the comment section.)

You’re in the home stretch! Click on the lightbulb to move forward to the last stage.


Image Licensing Information

Image licensed by Julia Bickerstaff under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Original image can be found here.


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