About Me

On the internet I often use the nickname “jeffreygene”, a combination of my first and middle names best spoken in a Southern accent. But I’m not from the South; I grew up in Ohio, studied at Harvard University, and have lived in Hong Kong ever since. You can call me Jeff. I received my Master’s of Arts in Educational Technology through Michigan State University in June 2015. (I’ll never call myself a Spartan, though, having grown up in Columbus, Ohio. Go Bucks!)

I teach in the Middle School Social Studies Department at a major international school in Hong Kong, and have been a Department Head for most of my career. While I’ve taught everything from Grade 6 IB MYP Technology to Grade 12 Senior English, my passions are History and Geography. My favorite activity of the year is an orienteering / GPS scavenger hunt in the bay pictured above.

I have an amazing wife who teaches IB and MYP Drama at another major international school in Hong Kong. Our first child Theodore was born in the fall of 2015. We also have two furry cat children, Pumba and Ladybird, and one of these days Theo is going to learn the hard way that the cats don’t like it when he pulls their tails. Once I made the world’s best batch of chocolate chip cookies and ever since I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to recreate the magic.

Wedding Day


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