TAP Stage One: Passion

In order for The Awesome Project to excite your students, you need to bring the awesome. What is that YOU want to learn about?

I’ve shared some of my own side projects with my students:

1) How To Make an Apple Pie
2) How to use a Raspberry Pi to make a Video Game Arcade Machine for less than $1000 HKD ($125 USD)
3) How to build an automatic cat feeder (but I haven’t developed this one any further…I think that my cats are too ravenous for anything to withstand their assault!)

What gets YOU passionate? What are YOU interested in doing?

To complete Stage One of The Awesome Project Free Online Course, post a thoughtful comment below in response to one of the following prompts:

  • What are you passionate about creating
  • What were you passionate about as a student
  • How do you create and inspire passion in your classes


Respond thoughtfully to the ideas of another learner who has already posted in the comments by asking them a clarifying question or building on their ideas. (Or if you are the first learner ask me a clarifying question in the comment section.)

Congratulations! You’re ready for Stage Two: Learning Research. Click on the lightbulb to move forward.


Image Licensing Information

Image licensed by Julia Bickerstaff under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Original image can be found here.


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