TAP: Course Overview

In The Awesome Project (TAP) Mini Online Open Course (MOOC), participants will master how to design, implement, and involve the community in a simple yet revolutionary approach to inquiry-based learning. Participants will design their own version of The Awesome Project, created with the input of online and face to face peers.

What is the Awesome Project?

It sounds simple: students are given time in class (I’ve gone for 20%, which is one hour out of every five) to RESEARCH any topic that they choose. The only caveat is that students must PRESENT that topic after eight weeks to an audience of peers AND parents. However, implementing a simple project like this in a fast paced classroom requires a lot of thought to the structure that goes into it. It’s anything but simple to deliver.

Here’s a video that summarizes the goals of Genius Hour, the source of inspiration for The Awesome Project:

The Awesome Project MOOC Online Course

This course has been designed for any teacher who wants their classroom to look like the classroom of the future, where student interest and engagement decide what happens, not a set curriculum and schedule based on 19th century society. If a teacher is interested in implementing a project where students are given freedom to pursue a topic they are passionate about, they should take this course! This course will walk you through the design of your own Awesome Project and also help you navigate important community stakeholders (parents, admin, colleagues). You will be given all the tools and templates you need to deliver Awesome to your classroom!

Learners will:

  • explore research on creativity, imagination, and inquiry
  • examine the underlying design principles behind the Awesome Project and tailor it to your community and classroom
  • gain new tech skills that allow you to efficiently monitor student inquiry
  • create your own exciting introduction to the project
  • start delivering Awesomeness to your classroom

Total Time Needed for the Full Course: Four hours

Course Overview

This course will begin with an exploration of the learning theories and design framework that support The Awesome Project. As you work through the course, you will garner support for the project and receive feedback on it from community members and colleagues in your own building as well as from online peers. The course also provides training in the tech skills that help you monitor and support your students during The Awesome Project. The course culminates in the creation of all instructional materials necessary to run The Awesome Project in any classroom.

How To Complete the Course

It’s simple. Read through each post, complete the activity (which usually involves posting your ideas as a comment to the post), assess your peers (also through commenting), and then move on to the next stage. If you complete every stage you will receive a sweet online badge! But of course you can skip around and use these pages as a resource bank; maybe you only need help with one or two elements of the project.

Table of Contents

Stage One: Passion
Stage Two: Learning Research
Stage Three: Exemplars
Stage Four: Awesome Project Design Principles
Community Feedback Stage One
Stage Five: Good Questions
Stage Six: Tech Support
Community Feedback Stage Two
Stage Seven: Introduce it
Stage Eight: Do It!

Click below to start on Stage One.


Image Licensing Information

Image licensed by Julia Bickerstaff under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Original image can be found here.


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