Summer Miscellany

A word like “miscellany” isn’t exactly an attention grabber, but there is some cool stuff here! Pictures, Videos, and even a “miscellany miscellany” section! The best best thing on the page has to be the iImages. Check out the gallery about halfway down!

My Summer Profile Pic

14266197349_256fb0a7e1_b(1)My Team: JAMY 3.19…ish

JAMY = Jeff Abby Melissa Yalonda. What a great team. And we lived up to our motto staying up late to work on projects, and hosting our webinar in our jamy’s!


Creative Imagery

I can’t take full credit for most of these as my tech skills are not as good as many of my classmates. But still, check them out!

Tensions in Education

Can you find all six Jeffs?

1622288_10154349112155541_2790669834032317315_oDemotivational Poster



These were just amazing. Major props to Abby for her wonderful eye for a great shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I DEFINITELY can’t take credit for these videos. I learned that my editing skills need work!

Physics 101

The precursor to the Understanding Understanding Project


A response to Generation Like

Miscellany of the Miscellany

Okay I wasn’t sure what category to put these in…

Repurposing Web 2.0

Click the image to go to the actual tweet, I can’t embed a tweet that’s more than a week old.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.10.21 AMStorify

My team created these pretty cool looking records of two days of class.

Day 4 (June 23)

Day 9 (June 30)

Done now!


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