TAP Stage Eight: DO IT!!!

The best piece of advice I received as I prepared The Awesome Project was simple: get off your keister and do it. Don’t wait.

I had everything in place that you did. I had done my research (which you completed in Stage Two and Three). I had thought through the key design principles (which you did in Stage Four). I had read the article from Katie Day which you read in Stage Five, and I had already developed my Google Spreadsheet proficiency to do what I shared with you in Stage Six. Throughout the whole process I had been working with colleagues, administration, and learning support staff (which you did in each of the Community Stages). All that I had left was to formally introduce the project to students, parents, and administrators (which you just completed in Stage Seven). I just needed to start it.

So there you have it. Start your version of The Awesome Project. Start delivering the Awesome!


No assessment necessary for this final section. If you would like to, you can post in the comments section a link to the public face of your own Awesome Project, or you can post it over at Genius Hour.

Normally online courses reward learners with a digital badge that they can post on their own backpack. But since I don’t really expect a whole lot (read: any) traffic here, let alone anyone to complete the course, I haven’t set that up yet. If you make it all the way through and complete each activity and assessment, I’ll figure out a way to make that happen, I promise!


Image Licensing Information

Image licensed by Julia Bickerstaff under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Original image can be found here.


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