CEP 815: Technology and Leadership

Professional development strategies. Project management, planning and evaluation. Relationship building. Ethical and social implications of technology integration.

Major Assignments: Final reflection paper, Exploring key topics webinar


My team put on a webinar about digital equity and healthy uses of educational technologies. The full post can be found here:

Social and Ethical Uses of Technology

We had a great set of guests: Robyn Treyvaud, a founder of Cyber Safe Kids, Justin Hardman, former director of technology at Hong Kong International School and currently Director at 21CLHK, an educational technology company based in Hong Kong, and Dr. Craig Wilson, Head of School for University of Miami Global Academy and Associate Dean for the Division of Continuing and International Education.

Below is the recorded webinar, which despite the technical difficulties I’m very proud of!

Final Reflection

Even though it seems like it would be one of the least exciting papers (I know my students groan when I assign reflections), I loved the Final Reflection! That’s mostly because in each section of the paper I had to explain how I what I have learned will influence me in the future. I love thinking about how I can improve my practice!

Click here to read my Final Reflection, or scroll through it below:




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