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I thought it would be worthwhile to share my school’s journey to #GeniusHOur, which we call SML (Self-Motivated Learning), as we have so many students working on it at the same time! My first post, about the keys to our success, is here.

Session 1: Project kickoff assembly

To get students fired up we gathered all 400+ in our Black Box Theater. The highlight of the assembly was definitely a student panel from last year who shared their thoughts on the project.

Here are some videos we showed everyone in the assembly:

20% Time
What is Genius Hour?
Drift Trike (student example from last year)

Then students went back to their classrooms and began to brainstorm possible topics to research. We also showed them two videos to get them thinking about good / bad topics. The “Bad Idea Factory” was an engaging activity to follow up the “Good Idea Bad Idea” video. The second video, a reading of the children’s book “What do you do with an idea”, is my favorite as it does such a great job of capturing how an idea grows.