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I love the school I work at. We have two campuses, over 2400 students, and almost 300 of the most amazing teachers from all over the world. While it’s not perfect – what institution is? – classroom teachers are given plenty of freedom to develop and implement whatever curriculum they want an innovative and flexible curriculum. We also have a ton of resources. It’s a 1:1 MacBook school and I could literally go on and on about all of the top of the line equipment we have.

But can you have too much of a good thing? Are we over-reliant on technology? Are our students truly trained to use all the technology resources we provide them with?

Our students seem overwhelmed at times by all they are asked to do by adults. In Hong Kong, private tutoring and an abundance of sports and clubs keep many students busy for hours after school has finished. This year the leadership team looked closely at the amount of homework we are assigning in order to relieve the burden on students. But what about technology use? Do we just assume that our students are “digital natives” and can handle the multitude of tasks and software applications they are asked to use? Or are we preparing them for all the types of tasks, particularly research, that we ask them to do?

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