What exactly is a mashup or remix? What’s the big deal? To get a grasp on this term and a bit about its history, I highly recommend the four-part video series by Kirby Ferguson. It’s so well researched and well presented!

To demonstrate my understanding of a remix, I applied it to the educational term “Games Based Learning”. Games are something that I am passionate about. I have played them since I was young (all kinds of games – video games, board games, card games, and more), presented about them at educational conferences, and looked for ways to incorporate them into my teaching. In fact one summer a colleague and I researched into games that would fit our existing Social Studies curriculum and now we incorporate at least one game in every unit!

This remix of mine focuses on all the different things that games can teach. I’m not talking about specific subject-based knowledge, but rather the cross-disciplinary skills that games foster.

Here it is! Hope you enjoy!


(I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to get most embed codes to work on this blog. I’ll have a look at some classmates and see if anything turns up.)

I do have to say that I hope I never have to use Popcorn Maker again. I can see a few of its values. For one, since it is an online video editor you’re saved the very real hassle of clogging up your hard drive with video files. Perhaps more importantly it does a fabulous job of clearly showing where each source comes from, a key part of attributing the original source material in a remix. But this has a downside – I would assume that if any of the videos were removed or the links changed, my remix would just lose that section of the video.

However my major issue with the site is its poor usability. I’m not sure if I can accurately express what was so frustrating about it. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time learning how to use? Regardless, I found the interface so difficult as to make this site a stayaway. I’m familiar enough with iMovie to make basic movie clips, so I didn’t have to learn any new concepts to grasp Popcorn Maker. But doing simple tasks took ages on the site. For example something as simple as adding text and making sure that text stayed in the same place was a ridiculous task. If I moved one clip I had to drag the text along with it, since there was no way to embed the text within a certain portion of the clip. Due to the usability problems, I had a number of other ideas I wanted to add in but I didn’t want to spend the time cleaning up the video to save the space I would need.


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